Everyone is invited to join us online for our Good Friday Service at 7PM. Below is a list of everything you need to follow along and participate in the Good Friday Online Experience.

Items needed for Remembering the Journey of Jesus
 Rope/twine/yarn/string – 6” piece/person
 Large bowl of water
 Crown of thorns/any crown (including a homemade one)
 Red ribbon – 6”piece/person
 Fine-tip black permanent markers
 Wooden cross/large sticks/other pieces of wood (to make a cross)
 Hammer
 Flat-head nails (or any nail you have) – one per person
 6×6” white paper cross – one per person
 Crayons/makers
 Tape
 Stone/rock – one per person

We look forward to worshiping with you online on Easter Sunday (April 12th) to celebrate our Risen Savior. We are going to join together in communion, so you’ll need to have ready a cup of juice (or something similar) a piece of bread and/or cracker. At the end of the service I will give directions and we will all participate together in communion. This is obviously different but will give us a chance to remember all Jesus did for us and why we celebrate Easter.


Be a part of our Stay at Home Easter Scavenger Hunt! There are two different scavenger hunts (one winner per hunt), you can choose to do just one or if you are feeling adventurous, you can do both. Remember EVERYONE is welcome to play, individuals, couples, as well as those with children (even adult or older children) are invited to join in on the fun!


Instructions Follow:


1. Items must be found ONE at a time (no dividing and conquering)

2.Time yourselves (if you are doing both, time each one separately)

3 Take pictures as you go and post them on social media or send in like you did for He Is Risen Indeed.

4. Send times and your name and address to Pastor Brent at pastorbrentk@gmail.com 

5. Your times must be turned in by 11:59pm Sunday 4/12 (the times are on your honor☺)

6. Winners will be announced Monday and will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card in the mail.

Scavenger Hunt Lists: