We encourage you to join us for a special time of prayer together.
Remember, if this is new to you . . .
“All you need to do is learn to pray, is to pray.”
Mighty Prevailing Prayer, Wesley Duewel


Looking forward to praying with you!
Our next Corporate Prayer & Worship is April 22nd @ 7PM
Zoom Corporate Prayer & Worship Link

If you just need the meeting ID this is it. 781 6675 4987


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We will be looking at the Glory of God. How do we give God glory in the midst of crisis?

To call in by phone call: 1(646)876-9923 then wait for zoom to answer follow next step which is enter this meeting number 78166754987 followed by the pound sign # then wait for them to ask for more then put in # sign again. This will connect you. You won’t be able to see anyone but you’ll be able to hear and talk.

Bible Study Prayer Guide